Artful Living, By Design

I’m taking back my voice. It’s about time. Building my platform, brand and visual identity to speak to what I’m passionate about.

What’s your inspiration? Mine is fueled by art, design, travel and the business of it all. That's why EURDESIGN STUDIO was born, to give voice to all that I was seeing, and continue to be inspired about, throughout my career in the art & design industries. I love that we all have a vision. Be true to yourself, DARLING- there's no one else quite like you!

A little Coco Chanel for your day? “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” To me, the beauty in life can be found when you've decided to be happy. I've been thinking a lot about what it means being true to yourself. We're not all one dimensional with only one given talent or passion. That's what makes each of us so original!

Finding your niche in business is sage advice. Realizing that it's OK to own the parts of your experience that can benefit others is when you truly give back. I find this is where people shine! I may offer art/design trade consulting within industry yet bring design services to my consumer clients- but that's what differentiates me. My life's career in art & design industry is experienced, proven and tested. This is ME.

And so the adventure begins….or just continues!


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