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After you finish, please email  with several photos of your space(s), a floor plan with floor/wall measurements, and inspiration photos if you didn't provide a link to a Pinterest/Instagram/Houzz boards below. After all the style information and payment are collected, we'll get started on EURDESIGN phase!


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What's your closing or move-in date?
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For example, if we're working on your living room, your list might include: sofa, two chairs, rug, coffee table, media stand, artwork.
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If you have them, please send the web links to the main pieces in the email with your room photos and floor plan. If not, please provide photos.
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Many online sites like Wayfair and Target deliver furniture unassembled and require the customer to put it together. We will provide hanging and installation per your package.
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Often, where you most like to shop indicates a style and preference that’s helpful to define EURSTYLE at home.
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